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Building Voices of the Future is an online voice intensive for high school students, focused on cultivating well rounded and impactful artists. If you're ready to take your voice to the next level, this program is for you!

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Our Summer 2020 cohort.


BVOF Is committed to fostering technical and artistic vocal growth in our young students. 


We dedicate our time, energy, and lives to further the art we love by building strong, savvy, wise, and unique young singers. 


We educate our singers in all of the capabilities of their instrument and encourage them to experiment with different genres. 


We hope to inspire our students to be independent thinkers and advocates for the future of our art form. 


The human voice brings people together, and our mission is to bring the analytical and the artistic facets of every individual student together to produce impactful, honest, and thoughtful art. 

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